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Specialized View:

The everyday data on NIFTY indicates that the NIFTY has stage of resistance at 5310/5330. If it smashes 5330 we could see the next key stage of resistance stages of 5420/5440 or even 5480. On the down part, the NIFTY has discovered the assistance at 5180/5130 stages. Officially the temporary pattern on NIFTY is likely to stay unstable. Business Very carefully as large of 5170/60 would encourage clean promoting stress and then 5110/5060 is possible


Last night, NIFTY lowered to sub 5,180 stage after a powerful starting however quick action in noon time assisted spiders to restore the beginning drops and sign-up a high of 5,278 stage for the day.

On Tuesday, challenging knock-out noticed between bulls and holds during the day where bulls won the name and assisted NIFTY to restore 5,200 level on a ending base after a past day's painful sell-off.

The Effective started out and kept flattish for most of the day. It came failing down in the last two time of dealing as it could not maintain yesterdays up shift. Today's current down shift has designed a bearish (negative) candlestick keep design. Therefore that there could be further down part. Our lengthy roles would have got ceased out these days, and since the Effective could shift down further we should be brief on the Effective with a stop-loss at 5324.

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The Effective took it on the chin area with a 135-point reduction dropping over 2.2%. The Sensex lowered 404-point and shut at 17,195.

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All the movements publish the Funds has brought up one concern in the thoughts of industry gamers -to stock trading or the catalog. The decrease will proceed nowadays, even though the SGX Effective doesn't indicate that, but there will be no brief part profits nowadays.
It is better to look at shares because the brief part is not providing any profits.

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The BSE Sensex began off weeks time with 92 factors gap up after a Funds day, but instantly damaged all profits. The NSE Effective decreased below the 5300 stage, assessed down by investment products, financial institutions and materials shares.
The BSE standard decreased 76 factors to 17,391.03 and the NSE standard was down 25 factors to 5,290.90

Technique Rationale:

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Nifty seems to be dealing in a variety of 5700-5100 and we anticipate the variety to proceed for few more times from hereon. On the benefit, officially 5700 is a powerful level of resistance and we have also seen maximum OI in 5600 and 5700 contact alternatives for this expiration, whereas, 5200 is a powerful assistance as its near the 200 DMA and also it’s a factor where Effective retested its banner design..
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Day Trading Strategy:

Nifty could see gap up starting due to company international hints and it could analyze at 5392 and 5412 stages. Large of 5412 would encourage an intraday purchasing demand and then 5455 are possible. On the reduced part, the assistance for NIFTY is seen at 5322 and 5292 stages. Marketplaces are likely to stay unstable prior to RBI's plan conference on Exclusive and partnership funds on Friday
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Effective MARCH future:
(5363) Consider for this weeks time...Buy considering 5355 & 5341 closest & 5312-5286 strong can handle maintaining stop-loss of 5253. In place part it'll spurt up further to 5391, 5437-5451 & 5498 at first which is a essential level of resistance where promoting will be seen. A near above 5498 only it'll maintain on greater stages & spurt up to 5538 & thereafter to 5677.
Downward part a near below 5253 it'll convert vulnerable & drop down to 5085.

The starting these days is likely to be smooth to a tad good. The good outlook comes in as the much-awaited debts substitute in Portugal has lastly occurred, with involvement exceeding objectives.

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At 9:31 am (IST), the BSE Sensex was at 17,433, up 287 factors or 1.7% from the past near. It hit a daily great of 17,463 and a daily low of 17,324. It started out at 17,324.

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Bulls took a start after a distinct move and experienced revenue arranging. The day-to-day data on NIFTY indicates that the NIFTY has immediate level of resistance at 5545. If it smashes 5545/5565 we could see the next key level of resistance amounts of 5640 or even 5702. On the downs part, the NIFTY has found the assistance at 5466 and 5415 amounts. Technologically the temporary design on NIFTY is likely to stay good and the next challenge for NIFTY is seen at 5695/5700 amounts. On the disadvantage, Large of 5355/5325 would encourage clean promoting demand.

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Technical View

Proclamations acquired a breather after a harsh rally and watched profit booking. The regular chart on NIFTY recommends that the NIFTY has direct confrontation at 5542. If it breaks 5542/5562 we could see the next key resistance levels of 5640 or even 5702. On the downs side, the NIFTY has initiate the support at 5462 and 5412 levels. Officially the short term trend on NIFTY is likely to remain positive and the next hurdle for NIFTY is seen at 5691/5700 levels. On the weakness, Escaping of 5345/5315 would invite fresh selling density.

Technical Views:-

Proclamations took a breather after a sharp rally and perceived profit booking. The daily chart on NIFTY advises that the NIFTY has re instant conflict at 5540. If it breaks 5540/5570 we could see the next key resistance levels of 5640 or even 5710. On the downs side, the NIFTY has found the support at 5465 and 5415 levels. Technically the short term trend on NIFTY is likely to continue positive and the next problem for NIFTY is seen at 5693/5700 levels. On the downside, Getaway of 5355/5325 would call fresh retailing heaviness.

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NIFTY view for 1st March 2012

NIFTY (5385.20)

As expected the Nifty traded within the range today (5440 – 5266), The Nifty opened gap up breaching the 5440 mark on the upside in the morning, however could not sustain itself at those levels and steadily traded down during the day just managing to close in the green. After four continues days of down move the Nifty is taking a breather before it continues to move down breaking 5266.