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Mastering stock market basics for successful investing is simple, but it's not easy.

One of the big myths of the last bull market since 2003 was that the stock market was essentially a savings account that returned 15 percent per year-at the least. You read the Economic Times daily, watched a little of CNBC TV-18, you opened an online trading account, and you were on the road to riches. Unfortunately, as many investors discovered when the bubble popped in January 2008, things that look too good to be true usually are.

Picking individual stocks requires hard work, discipline, and an investment of time. Expecting to make a large amount of money with only a little effort is like expecting to shoot a great round of golf the first time you pick up a set of clubs. There's no magic formula, and there's no guarantee of success.
That's the bad news. The good news is that the basic principles of successful stock picking aren't difficult to understand, and the tools for finding great stocks are available to everyone at a very low cost. Now you need of some useful guidance to invest anywhere in the market so here we are the best stock market tips provider with accuracy of above 85% in the Indian stock market.