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INTRADAY NIFTY: Last week it was made a high 5132 but due to global weakness major weakness were saw resulted it was made a low 4796 and finally made a close at 4845 with a close of more 300 points. As this week is a FO expiry so high volatility in the market continues.

Today: As expected Nifty hold 4850, sharp move during market resulted in a high 4965. Now today consider support 4901-4890, crossover and hold 4950 more up side and may test 5000-5015 in near term. Today Magic No. 4970, real strength show only above that level.

Nifty Future Closing : 4947
Watch carefully today's nifty magical figure... 4955
Buy Nifty Future above magical figure for upside
First target... 4980 and above it
Second target... 5020
and crosses over both it will come... 5050
Sell Nifty Future, if Nifty is running below magical figure then your downside
First target... 4920
Second target... 4886
Third target... 4865

(Closing - 9480)
Today's magical figure...9501
Buy it above magical figure upside
First target ... 9600
Second target ... 9670
Third target... 9750
Sell it if running below Magical figure for downside:
First target ...9410
Second target...9350
Third target ... 9280

(Closing - 2067)
Today's magical figure... 2081
Buy it above magical figure upside targets
First target ... 2105
Second target ... 2130
Third target ... 2155
Sell it running below Magical figure for downside:
First arget ... 2033
Second target ...2002
Third target ... 1987...

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