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Sureshot Nifty Tips

“Nifty Continue To be bullish ”

Nifty April future: - Buy considering 5261 a powerful support keeping stop-loss of 5246. In position part it'll rush up to 5347 at first which is a important stage of potential observe out for. Cross-over above 5347 it'll sustain on greater stages & size up to 5381 & 5436.

Down part crack below 5246 it'll drop down to 5218-5210 on intraday basis; buy on decreases maintaining stop-loss of 5202.

Bank Nifty April Future: - Buy considering 10382 a essential assistance maintaining stop-loss of 10361. In place part it'll spurt up to 10551 & 10644.

Down part crack below 10361 it'll drop down to 10263 on intraday basis.

BSE index: - Buy considering 17276 a strong assistance maintaining stop-loss of 17234. In place side it'll hurry up to 17478 at first which is a essential level of capacity watch out for. Cross-over above 17478 it'll maintain on higher levels & width up to 17562 & 17712.

Down side crack below 17234 it'll turn poor & drop down to 17157 & 17104, buy on decreases maintaining stop-loss of 17074 on overall base.

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