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Intraday Trading Tips

The BSE Sensex and NSE Nify started of business slightly lower on Wednesday following poor Western hints. The Native indian rupee too dropped 0.4% in early business to 53.53 a dollar.
Greece political disaster increased last night. Concern over Ancient bailout encouraged global marketplaces lower. Oriental marketplaces like Hang Seng, Nikkei, Kospi, Taiwan, Shanghai and Straits Times were down around 1%.

BSE index:  Break below 16499 heavy clean promoting will move it down to 16356-16330, 16191-16176 & 15951. Upwards side 16606 a closest & 16728-16787 a strong level of resistance, offer on higher levels maintaining stop-loss of 16917.

Nifty MAY Future:  Provide considering 5053 & 5071-5082 powerful resistances keeping stop-loss of 5125. Down part it'll fall down further to 4941, 4903-4891, 4847 & 4808.

Bank Nifty MAY Future:  Offer on higher levels considering 9641-9692 closest & 9782 a strong level of resistance maintaining stop-loss of 9913. Down side separate below 9471 it'll drop down to 9394 originally, which is a essential assistance to look at out for. Break below 9394 it'll intensely accident down to 9226 & 9065-9000.

HERO HONDA:  Offer on greater levels considering 1941-1946 & 1956 strong resistances maintaining stop-loss of 1992. Down side it'll drop down to 1851 & 1821.

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