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100% Sureshot Share Tips

As expected from nifty future index it can touch 5560 in this week so the index touch the 5560 and also cross the level but couldn't sustain at that level, now the swing gave a sell signal again now for 10 days down side target is 5380-5180 and if it break the 5180 then next support on daily chart will be at 4780 so try to go short.
The resistance level of  10283. was broken when prices closed above the top pitchfork line. The market has surged out of the current trading channel and could rise to the bottom fibonacci fan line.  

RELIANCE:  Support level of    928 was broken. Look for a possible drop to the next support level 911. A possible down side target 860 still looking to reach, but index looking to reversal side so book the short position here.

TATA MOTORS:  A reversal pattern has been found. It may be wise to exit this trade. The CCI has crossed above -100. Look for rising prices soon.

TATA STEEL : Go short again around 648 with the stop loss of 664 for the target of 590-560.
HINDALCO: Support level of    214.8 was broken . When the monthly S1  is broken - we can look for a possible drop to the 190.

STERLITE: Maintain short position.  Stop at    175.75  Wave 3 could drop down to    136.75  or to    112.5.

BHARTI AIRTEL: The market closed at 320 at any high, short sell with the stop loss of 340 for the possible target of 306-275 and 256

RCOM:  Wave 3 drop down to  110-89. revised the stop loss to 121. and maintain short position for the target of 69-40.

SBIN: The follow up buying pulled the stock at 2610, and above that stock can touch the 2750 and 2850 also so find buying opportunity for long term the stock in selling mode so book the short position here and sell around 2800. 

ICICI BANK: it closed at 1026 at any high go sell side with the 1092 stop loss for the target of 960-920.

AXIS BANK:  short 1300 with the stop loss of 1349 for the target of 1150-1080.

PNB: short around 1125 with the stop loss of 1166 down side target will be 1000-990. 

INFOSYS: revised the sell position stop loss at 3260 and maintain short position the possible down side target is 2900 in coming days.

RANBAXY: the medium term short selling is still continue, but in short term the stock can touch the 540 and 570 level so revised the stop loss to 585 and maintain short position for the the down side target 480-440 (40 trading days)

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