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Intraday Share Tips

After a sharp selling, some support andshort covering in Friday trading indicate near term support 5177. During the week watch out some major events like - Revision of excess 2G spectrum fee (2) Some more arrest likely Unitech and DB Reality Group (3) Sebi Action of down fall of ADAG stocks. However tightening of money policy in India likely continue due to high inflation and in coming days RBI, may announce more steps which could results more capital outflows fro mthe equities. 

After the positive opening intraday nifty was showing strength on positive side. And close around 5470 level this is the channel line breakout level. Above that we can see more upside. We can see the next resistance level around 5500-5550. And support side 5400-5330 level. 

Over all short term bottom established in the market and crossover 5320 will extend further rally which will test near 5420 and successfully crossover more up isde can not be ruled out. For strong bullish it must needs to record a close above 5650 level . However market is still trading below ..... 200 DMA and 50 DMA level which is likely stiff resistance in near term.

Bse sensex was showing positivity with good strength. And it closes above 18000. This the first resistance level on upside. Now the next level we can see around 18500 above that more upside expected. Bse closes around 18202 now the 18000-17800 is the support range.

After positive opening Bank Nifty was showing full strength on positive side and it closes above 10750 level above that positivity on upside we can see in coming days. Today Bank Nifty again give sharp move on upside. Now for today for intraday trading resistance at 10900-11000. And support is 10750-10500 level. Higher level resistance 11000-11100 watch out.
Looks good and near to break out......down side support 330 watch out.....Short term up side if crossover their resistance level. 

Strong reversal from the lower level....... Now near to major resistance 2730-2750 watch and big supply can not be ruled out.... Decisively crossover over all buying in banking stocks. . Looks hot and buy. 

Looks very hot and buy........ Today support 614-610 to be watch out.......and buy side for target 625 - 630, if stay with volume decent move likely in this counter and non stop target...?

Excellent stock for renewal energy.... Buy and forgot this counter.....

Now support is 993... crossover, Higher level resistance 1024-1026 watch out.... Crossover it may test 1050 level.....
Now we may consider support 980-985 range.... Hold this level may test 935-940 mark. However higher level some supply can not be ruled out. Rs. 1500 crore penalty is a big problem of this counter.

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