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INTRADAY NIFTY STOCK MARKET FOR TODAY : In the last week Nifty on Friday rebound strong due to positive development in Political front and finally made a high 5605 but closed down side at 5544. Medium term view again negative un till or unless it will not close above 5630 level. In this week, we may consider resistance 5630-5650, successfully crossover this range will further move up to 5690-57450 which is the strong resistance, thereafter more up side. 

On the lower side 5400-5350 are a crucial support which made on March 21, 2011, traders should watch out with short positions around this level. It looks that some more days Index remain side ways before fresh move in either side. Major support weekly 5450-5440.

TODAY : Nifty opens positively and showing good strength on positive side and touch the 5600 level and at the end it close around 5544 level and close positively. Technically above 5615 can see the resistance level around 5672-5747 and below 5475 can see the support level around 5411-5378. Today Magic No. 5610 .

BSE MARKET FOR TODAY : In the last week strong rebound but unable to cross major resistance 18800-18850 and finally closed at 18531. In this week immediate resistance is 18724-19000 and 19109, thereafter some more up side , on the lower side if unable to cross Friday high , lower level support 17792-17775-17500 in near term. Over all it looks that current trend in favour bears and it appears that bottom finishing are very near, thereafter it will resume his journey again.

Today : . BSE Index is open positively and showing some strength on positive side and close positively. Technically above 18724 resistance can touch around 18862-19028 abd below 18262 support is 18160-18078. Today Magic No 18742.

CNX BANK NIFTY STOCK  : Last week, after a made a low of 10843 strong rebound were saw resulted it was made a high of last trading session 11203 and finally closed at 11065. In this week, we may consider resistance 11210-11220, successfully will move further and likely to test 11400-11500. Strong close above 11500, it will move further, whereas the down side support 10750 watch out. Consolidation range 10750 to 11200.
TODAY: Bank Nifty opens positively and after it was showing volatile situation with some strength in the market. And close positively. Technically above 11188 it can face the 11293-11412 resistance level and below 10807 can see the 10726-10603 support level. Now current down move will retest again 10000 mark or even below ?........ Today Magic No. 11214.

Nifty Future  Closed : 5580  : On Friday, we have predicted lower level support 5464, (Low 5465 and move 157 points) decisively break only weakness higher level resistance 5520, crossover think to buy for target 5620 and the same was happened (High 5622 - Low 5465 - Close 5580).

Now Today : we may consider resistance 5627.....decisively crossover and stay with volume over all positive and may test................., lower level break and trade below.......?...............it will test 5524-5508... thereafter over all.....Buying/Selling ......check it....

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