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Closed : 5472
Now what to do.....today
Now Today : we may consider resistance 5497-5504.....decisively crossover and stay with volume it will show strength and likely test ............ lower level strong support 5445...?............. decisively break with volume another round of panic and may test ...? Near the major support...

Highly over sold counter....
Above 2200 no problem of this counter
And your stop loss for long position is...?.....

Strong reversal from the 52 weeks low 208
And finally closed above 220 level,
On rise it will face resistance...?... and reversal
To sell side..

Consider support 150
And resistance 163-167 watch out,
Whether cross or not.

Looks good and decline to buy
With consider support 370-365 range,
Good bet for long term....

Double bottom formation at 565
Finally closed above 580 - short term positive
Buy on dips strategy.

Strong reversal from the level of 930 range
Now watch out 965 whether cross or not
Above - More up side
Reversal - to test again 925.

Bear Favour continue...
Below 2950-3000
Our target 2600-2500 range

BSE index: (18266) Consider for this week...18300 a nearest & 18430 a crucial resistance to watch out for initially. A close above 18430 only it'll sustain on higher levels & surge up correctively to 18628, 18800 & 18976-19015, book profit on higher levels.

Downward side 18226 a nearest & 18042 a crucial support, keep stop loss of 18008 to your buys. A close below 18008 it'll heavily fall down to 17625.

Intraday Nifty June Future: (5466) Consider for this week...5520-5531 crucial resistance to watch out for. A close above 5531 only it'll sustain on higher levels & surge up to 5597, 5650 & 5703-5720, sell on higher levels keeping stop loss of 5766.

Downward side 5461-5448 a nearest & 5405 a crucial support, keep stop loss of 5389 to your buys. A close below 5389 it'll heavily fall down to 5269 & thereafter to 5233.

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