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Indian economy to grow 6.9% in 2012-13

The Indian Economy will develop by 6.9% in this financial year (2012-13) despite problems like policy concerns, financial lack and blowing up, the World Bank estimated on Tuesday, while cautioning that third world countries will have to face difficult times.

" India will see development (measured at aspect cost) improving to 6.9%, 7.2% and 7.4% in financial decades 2012-13, 2013-14 and 2014-15, respectively," the World Band said in the review called 'Global Financial Prospects'.

Referring to improvements this year, the multi-lateral loaning organization said that growth in Indian was particularly poor due to financial policy, delayed changes and power shortages. These factors, along with financial and blowing up issues, cut into investment action, it added.
India's financial rate of development in 2011-12 lowered to a nine-year low of 6.5%. The financial climate had extended by 8.4% in the before two years.

For the current financial, the government has placed development at 7.6%. Considering international concerns and home problems, this rate of development could be high order for the country.

Growth in South Asia slowded to 7.1% in last year, from 8.6% truly, as headwinds from the Dollar Area disaster triggered a extreme deceleration in exports and a a cure for collection inflows.

Meanwhile, the international economic climate is predicted to grow 2.5% this year.
According to World Bank, developing countries should get ready for a long time of movements in the international economic climate by re-emphasising on medium term development strategies.

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