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Sureshot Share Tips

Nifty Future : -
Yesterday market started out with benefit gap but overall small dealing variety due to FO Expiration and lastly handled to shut at 5154. Now these days still unsure with consider level of resistance 5172-5184, cross-over it will shift further up to 5200-5220, thereafter some provide can not be dominated out. Disadvantage assistance 5110-5100 observe out. Expert Investors can offer at higher-level with limited stop-loss.

Bank Nifty : -
Bank Nifty range jump and merging another day and keep 9840 kevel. Since past few classes, finding assistance at reduced stage 9840-9810- as long as keep this stage, good tendency to continue and first focus on 10210 are unchanged. Cross-over 10210 with amount further good feeling in the market towards 10510 stage. Failing to do so, would further support range 9840-9710. - Below 97010 - reduced stage reveals 9510.

BSE index:  - 17151 & 16814 crucial sideways trading range. Break out above 17151 or break down below 16814 decisive move will be seen.

AXIS Bank: - Sell considering 983 a solid resistance keeping stop loss of 994. Downward side it'll heavily fall down to 942 & 913.

EXIDE: -  Sell considering 135a solid resistance keeping stop loss of 137. Downward side it'll fall down to 130.40 & 127.40.

SBI: -  2102 & 2110 solid resistances up to which selling will be seen, keep stop loss of 2122 to your shorts. Downward side it'll fall down to 2045-2042.
Upward side crossover above 2123 it'll surge up to 2152 & 2170.

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