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As last week mentioned that Nifty will face resistance 5600-5650 range unable to cross and last day of trading reversal. Now we may consider key support is 5370 and decisively break below with volume easily test 5330-5310, thereafter heading towards 5310. On the higher side, if hold support level 5350 may face resistance 5450-5520-5550 in near term. A strong close above 5650-5670 range will negate the bearish medium term outlook.

Yesterday Nifty was open positively. Intraday Nifty was showing some range bound situation and it close around 5364 level below 5372 weakness indication for the nifty. Now the important level to watch out for today intraday working major resistance is 5411-5501. 5501 is the major resistances for today intraday working above that see some positivity in that counter. And support is 5340-5230. Because of flat closing there are no changes in support resistance.
Technically Nifty is triangle formation below 5272 the tgt. We see 5230-5160 level.

On the last week BSE Index unable to penetrate 18700 range and started down ward journey and finally made a low 17849 which is near to 200 EMA, In this week, we may consider support 17800 and decisively break will invite correction up to 17500-17243, which is the last leg of support of this rally, thereafter over all selling in the market and may test 16758-16500-16000 range. On the higher side, 18500-18750 is a stiff resistance and continue close above will negate the bearish view only. 

Market is in consolidation mode and its trading range is 17800 to 18500 any break out level see some movement in the market. Yesterday it is in range bound situation. It breaks the 17800 level but not sustains and closes above the 17800. At the next major support is 17412 and major resistance is 18471. 

Bank Nifty trading continue in trading range between 10700 to 11150 and either side break out will move 500 points easily. We may consider resistance 11000-11100 and reversal to sell side, down side support 10500-10600, break with volume immediate target 10000 + in near term. 

Yesterday Bank Nifty opens positively. But it can't maintain on upside. And It break the 10700 level below that if close then bearishness in that counter. Because it is down side major support 10700, weakness only below that level, it close above that level close flat to positive then no changes in support resistance level higher level resistance 10926-11100, and support is 10500-10320. Watch trading range.. 10600 to 10850. 

Intraday Nifty Future
Closed at : 5387
Today Support 5348
Below down side target 5311-5300, then
Higher level resistance - ..?..... 5430
If stay with volume......

Now Resistance 1015-1020 range
Down side support exit 980, below
Further fall on the card up to.....

Loosing strength....
Today time to short sell.. at higher level
With tight stop loss.....?

Some support at lower level.
Today crossover...? And stay likely test 2640-2650
Major resistance.....? reversal to sell. 

Yesterday some support at lower level .Today buy only above...?.... if stay with volume.
For quick profit ......

We are in selling mode from the level of 240.
Thereafter 220-210 for target 192 -
Achieved on yesterday.... Now time to sell again on rise....

Looks very hot......Consider support 1000 and decline to buy side....

Time to sell... at higher level With tight stop loss.....?

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