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Last week as mentioned this column that Index will face resistance 19650-19850 and finally unable to hold and started down ward journey. As per the chart, market are over bought zone but on weekly and monthly chart still showing up trend. 

In this week, we may consider support is 19350 and 19000 and strong close below will pressure in the market, on the higher side, Index will continue face resistance 19840 and decisively crossover and stay with volume and closed above will test 20200-20651, thereafter heading towards new high. 

As the last week it was trading range between 11500 to 11900 which indicate on weakness to buy and sell on strategy to be followed. Now in this week, again a support range 11500-11550, break and close below will drift down again and may test 11000 which is a strong support of this bull market, on the higher side, resistance 11900-12100, crossover will resume up trend and may test 12500-13000. Over all trend is very bullish and likely outperform in coming month. 

Closed: 5859
Now what to do.....
Today resistance 5881......crossover and sustained above, over all positive bias .......
Down side support 5831-5815 watch out... if break with volume it will test 57.................thereafter it will take support ...................whereas the strong support and start buying in lots....and 100 % U turn.....

Strong Resistance 1110-1115 and selling opportunity
For target............Close above .... Square up your all
Short position and play for long in your choice.

100% no buy below 235
Sell on rise strategy. 

Some more down side....
But dip/panic to buying strategy
Major Support 340-345 watch closely 

Major resistance 635-640
Yesterday we gone Short and our STBT
Now play for 610 mark.....

We are in selling mode below 1050
And stop loss 1066......
See what happened.....
Last and final support exit 1015... then see the Screen
Our paid clients bought put option 1000
When price are trading at 1050. 

Before the result.....
Trading range of this week
3200----3300 watch out...

Strong resistance 2795-2810 range
As remain sell on rise strategy...
Fresh and solid move only above 2865....

Near to strong resistance.....1690-1700
Sugar Stock
Negative Divergence on Chart,
but more confirmation awaited.......
Time to sell....
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