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Nifty Sure Shot Calls

SENSEX (Close - 19545.30)
Sensex has rebounded from technical support of 19300 and closed well above the intraday low. I have already suggested for the technical support of 19300 for the past session. Now we are just one trading session away from derivative expiry of this month of trade. Technically we should see a move towards 19800 marks.

I am still suggesting to buy the stronger stocks. As long as trades sustain above 19500 we must have good chance of moving higher. Banking and auto stocks should be in demand for today's trade. Volatility is expected but that may not favour bears this time. Be cautious. Trade less but trade perfect.

Nifty Sure Shot has moved higher from the technical levels near 5800. This level was mentioned in my previous article for a suggested rebound. Well, now for today's session support will be at 5830. I am expecting a test towards 5912 and then 5945. 

SBIN (Close - 2933.75)
I would not be surprised if this stock hit 3000 marks in today's trading session. Yesterday also it has saved the levels of 2885. Technically one can prefer to trade long on this stock with stop loss below 2912. On higher side I am expecting 3000. 

TATAMOTORS (Close - 1261.30)
Auto stocks are looking for a rise after good consolidation. Technically one can buy this stock with stop loss below 1250. On higher side we have first target at 1286. Volume cross above 1286 will result a test of 1304 also. 

ASHOKLEY (Close - 55.20)
It has saved 52 levels in past few days of trade. Technically trade above 55 should result a boost to this stock for a move towards 57. In my view it can be a trading buy with stop loss below 54.50 levels. On higher side 57 can be reachable. I would not be surprised if I see some good short covering too. 

As last week in this clumn mentioned that 200 DMA - 5700-5716 are a strong support and likely U turn and it was did it and finallhy made a high 5897, almost 200 points gained from the lower level. In this week we may consider strong support 5810 and 5695, on the higher side resistance 5900-5950..crossover with volume can trigger short covering and fresh buying resulted it will test 6100-6150. Your stop loss for long 5700. FIIS are continue in buying mode.

TODAY : Yesterday Intraday Nifty Sure Shot open flat to positively and showing negativity in 1st half and at 2nd half we can see the recovery in the market and close flat too negatively. Because of flat closing there were no changes in support resistance. Now the support and resistance for the intraday support is 5805-5777 and resistance is 5900.

Today support 995-1000 buying opportunity
Higher level resistance is 1015....
Remain below it will test 970 likely.

We are bullish above 210.....
Decline to buy....
Above 223 hot...

Big move expected....
Consider Support 190...
Last and final resistance 214
Our target 290...

Down side support 400
Ready to move......LR.....?

Finally crossover 152 with volume
Decline to buy for target 160 mark.

Above 480 - VERY VERY HOT ...

Today support 469-465
Hold 475 - big move likely 

Watch support 450
On today trading....
Resistance 472......
Buy and sell break out this range.

Very hot counter.....
Decline to buy and hold
Support 100 range.....

Time to short sell...
With tight stop loss....

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