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Intraday Sureshot

INTRADAY NIFTY STOCK (Close - 5884.70)
Intraday Nifty Stock has closed just below 5900 levels. We may see some nervous opening in morning hours but it may not go for further weakness. Technically 5830 and 5800 will be god support for rebound. Do not short stocks are lower side. 

SBIN (Close - 2861.15)
I had given a buy on this stock on the last trading session too. It has gained more than 2.50%. Well, now keep an eye on 2890 levels. Cross-above 2890 will result some good gain. In will have good trading support at 2824-2810 levels. Buy in fall. 

HINDZINC (Close - 151.90)
Before saying anything I must inform that we have advised our traders to pick this stock for short term on last trading session itself. It has posted an excellent result and now I am expecting a move up to 170. Use suitable levels to buy for the given target. 

TATASTEEL (Close - 630.05)
It has a narrow trading session in the past whole week but manages to stay above 605 support levels. It has next threshold levels at 642. It gives me a sense that cross above 642 will trigger a strong buy on it. I will try to pick this stock in the lower side and keep the stop loss just at 622.

Sensex has closed above 19500 marks. Well, Reliance came with its Q-4 result in after market hours. Market may not take it very happily; we may see some initial fall, which might try to pull the market down in initial hour. 

I am still not considering the market trend to be corrective for down side. Sense may go below 19500 but it will not slip to go near 19300 levels. We may see some gap down but recovery will come from lower levels. On the higher side we have a bright chance for crossing 19810 marks. 

Cross-above 19810 will give us a trigger for 20000 marks. We should keep a close eye on banking and metal stocks, which may gain strength. We should initiate buy only if Sensex stand above 19500 levels. Even if it open down then also wait for Sensex to come above 19500.

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